Above is a picture from inside Marblehead
Lighthouse that I took in 2007. To the left is the
professional-quality color pencil and ink rendering
I did in 2008. The bright designs on the left bottom
are the cast-iron spiral steps that take visitors to
the top of the lighthouse.
See another sample below.

If you have a treasured photo of any
subject, except humans, let

Lighthouse Artworks
make a quality
reproduction for a unique gift for any
occasion at affordable prices.

Lighthouse Artworks
will bring a new
life to your photo. Click on "Contact
me" to discuss your picture today.

Order now for Christmas gift-giving, or for
any holiday. Please give at least 3 months
advance notice on large renderings.
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for a size and price list.

Sizes and Prices for Lighthouse ArtWorks Reproductions of Your
Treasured Photos
8 in. by 10 in.-$50.00
9 in. by 12 in.-$70.00
11 in. by 14 in.-$90.00
12 in. by 18 in.-$120.00
14 in. by 17 in.-$150.00
18 in. by 24 in.-$180.00
All works done on vellum or smooth finish bristol 100 lb. or watercolor 140 lb.
paper using professional artist-quality color pencils, oil pastels, liquid acryllics, or
watercolors. Framing if desired and postage are extra.
Above is a 1990 picture taken on a farm
road near my house on a cloudy day. The
road is a photographer's dream in the
fall! To the left is a portrait of the spot in
"painterly-style" that I did for a college
art class in pen and ink. A few years ago I
finished it with color pencil, and oil pastel
while sitting in my car on another fall day.
This, and several other artworks I did
hung in a showing in my college's art
Lighthouse ArtWorks