All About What Made Me A Writer  
This is my  engagement picture taken
January, 1973 while I was on active
duty at Scott AFB, Belleville, Illinois.
Below is the RomVets emblem. Notice
the pen as the sword's blade.
I belong to RomVets, a group of romance writers who are
proud Veterans or currently serving in America's Armed
Forces. I served in the United States Air Force, February 5,
1971 to September 24, 1973, as a Medical Services Specialist.
Women then were in a separate unit known as  WAFs--Women
in the Air Force. I treasure the memories of my service during
the Vietnam War era. That's what lead to my lifelong career as a
Licensed Practical Nurse. I met my husband at Scott AFB in
Belleville, Illinois, and the rest is history. I'm a proud supporter
of those serving in our military, and wish them Godspeed in
their efforts to preserve our hard-won freedom.
My Other Love
I love nature and the outdoors among
the trees and my garden.  In the
background is my cottonwood tree
near my creek. She's 100 feet tall and
was part of the inspiration for

Cottonwood Place
. In the picture below,
is my oldest son, Erik, who's 3 feet
away and dwarfed by her. Why do guys
look down when getting their picture
taken? The spot where the trunk splits
into two (below) is over 20 feet up.
Every morning, I watch her leaves blow
in the wind as I drink my hot tea. Every
June and July, I enjoy seeing "snow"
when she lets her cottony seeds fly on
the warm wind.  What a beautiful
calming sight. How people can
consider such trees as junk or weed
trees is beyond me. As readers learn in
Cottonwood Place,  American Indians
revered the cottonwood as a source of
food, medicine, and wisdom, and many
touching myths are associated with it.
Besides my life-long love of airplanes and outer space, I've always
loved birds thanks to my Grandma Lona Resler.  We feed the birds at
many feeders at my house now, and I've seen many species of birds. I
also love dogs, as many writers do, and this is my girl, Sheena,
standing in the back porch before it was remodeled when she was 3
years old. How can you resist that look and those pretty white feet?
My Favorite 1950s Sci-Fi Movies
Forbidden Planet.
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Journey to the Center of the Earth
This Island Earth
War of the Worlds
I Married a Monster from Outer Space
Day of the Trifids
20 Million Miles to Earth
The Monolith Monster
When Worlds Collide
Earth VS the Flying Saucers
Queen of Outer Space
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
She dwarfs all the other big trees in my
property. The relaxing sound of her
leaves rustling in the wind is
indescribable. I can hear it from my
driveway, over 300 feet from her. Her
rustling brings back memories of a
summer day when I was six, and my
parents, brothers, and I swam in a
pond owned by an aunt and uncle in
Marion, Indiana. My Daddy held me
firmly so I could splash and not drown.
All around the farm pond, cottonwoods
rustled their leaves for us as a
serenade in the warm breeze. I'll never
forget that glorious sunny day and my
father's strong arms. It's one of the
best memories of my childhood.
Why Such A Long Name As Wickersham-McWhorter?
My name is hyphenated  to honor my 40-year marriage to  a McWhorter, and to
honor my own family. See my Wickersham family page for more on the
I began reading before kindergarten, TV of the
1950s having taught me, and writing in 3rd grade
when I began turning my dreams into stories. The
1950s monster\alien-invasion movies and 1960s
sci-fi TV shows I loved caused the dreams. I lived
with my grandma in Muncie, Indiana. Despite
being made fun of due to my last name and being
the tallest kid in school until junior high, I
many happy hours reading, writing, and doing art
work. My favorite subjects were rockets and
outer space. My friends and I spent summers
riding bicycles, collecting pop bottles for a nickel
each to buy candy, and playing outside until
midnight. I pity today's kids who can never know
such joy. I'm proud of being a child of the 50s and
60s! I still love science-fiction and I'm a Star Trek
nut--a Trekker.