The ad on COFW MySpace page-Ohio Romance
Authors for our 2008 Valentine's Day contest.
Cottonwood Place is the very  bottom left book!  My
first official contest ad.
Me and fellow COFW members, next to me and on the far right,  at my
first signing at a bookstore, February, 2008. We signed at a
Columbus,  Ohio Barnes & Noble. Below is the endcap display of my
Cottonwood Place, that day.  My first book on display at a giant
Barnes & Noble-imagine that!
Me at my first official booksigning, the
September, 2007, COFW Readers and
Writers Holiday in Columbus, Ohio.
My first review was from Fallen Angel Reviews for
Cottonwood Place. Click the link below to read the
See the review here!
Writers bring worlds into
being and populate them
with fascinating people!
Like a new parent proud of baby's first step and word, I'm humbled
by my first official steps as a published author! The road to being
published is hard. To celebrate, my "first events"are below:
Above is a shot of revelers at the Intergalactic Bar and Grill
hosted by Linnea Sinclair at the April, 2010 Romantic Times
convention in Columbus, Ohio, my first one. I won the Best
Sci-Fi Death scene, ala Star Trek. I had a blast!
To the right is Mr. Jamie Ungaro, the 2010 Mr. Romance and
I was there to see him be crowned! He's from Coshocton,
Ohio, originally, and was on the cover of GQ and did a
romance novel cover, among other things. He was quite
handsome and polite!
Check here often for dates I'll be at booksignings.
Coming Appearances