Our Staff:
Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter-multi-published non-fiction and fiction author and teacher with a
degree in English from Ohio State University.
Dana Day-multi-published non-fiction author with a psychology degree from Ashland University.     
Don't let high prices from other editing services keep you from having your manuscript given a fresh
read before sending it to editors or agents. We believe in being fair to struggling authors. We've
been there. Our flat rate is $1.00 per page. Emergency editing is $1.25 per page, guaranteed by
your due date.    
Our Goal:
to provide quality editing of partial or complete manuscripts, except poetry or erotica, at an
affordable price to authors at any stage of their career.
Let's Face It
Today's editors require error-free ready-to-publish manuscripts. Because of our
own experiences with editor and agent rejection before being published, we at
Glass Elephant Editing believe that authors should never send a manuscript that
hasn't been highly polished and perfected to
any agent or editor, ever. Lack of
money holds many writers back from using such services. We don't believe in high
prices for such a vital service, so we decided to help struggling authors achieve
their goal of being published with a price anyone can afford.
                                           Sandy and Dana
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Have your manuscript ready then send
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arrange getting your manuscript and
payment to us.
Sandy and Dana
Glass Elephant