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Essential Photographs!
Sheena was more cat than dog. She'd sit on window ledges
and look out, if we had ledges. We have a family joke, she was
half cat because of the looking outside and because of how
she pounced on prey, half rabbit because of the way she
jumped (sometimes vertically), and half wolf because of her
howl.  According to my oldest son, she was a "hair factory"
because she shed so much when she shed. My dustbunnies
were hairbunnies all over the house, but I  still loved her. On
August 23rd, 2008, she added a new suffix to her name:  the
dreaded mouse\rat\cat\groundhog\bat killer. She nabbed a bat
in midair on the steps and killed it before I could stop her! Bats
eat tons of mosquitoes and other pesky bugs, so I was a bit
upset. I miss her since a very rare and aggressive cancer took
her on November 27, 2011.
My office as seen from the living room. As you can tell, I LOVE books!
If you look carefully, you can also see bits of my other loves,
and my art desk for when I have time for doing drawings with
various media.
I'm a nut for odd clouds and this one fits
that bill. As soon as my son and I saw it we
both said almost at the same time that it
looks like the planet killer from Star Trek,
our favorite show. Taken in summer 2010.
A goldfinch eating from a branch right
outside my office window, summer 2010.
A very old picture of the elementary school I
went to for 2nd through 6th grades in the
1960s. I have some very good memories of
the place, the singing around the giant
Christmas tree in the giant center hall, the
spring festival, the good teachers, and
being in one school for more than six
My stepsister Brenda, my brother Howard,
me, and my brother Greg at Fort DeSoto,
North Beach, Fla, on 2-19-2014. We went
there the day after my stepmother, June's,
funeral in Tampa.
My new furbaby, Gretel, a German shepherd, who we
rescued in February, 2012. She was abused, starved,
and locked in a barn with other dogs with no food or
water. Her health has taken a long time to recover, but
she's recovered and is the love of my and my husband's
lives. Unfortunately, she died of the canine version of Lou
Gherig's disease on July 28, 2014. I can't begin to say
how much it hurts.
Snow rollers from the bad January, 2014,  storm we had
where I live. The rollers were everywhere and caused
quite a sensation. Some yards and farmers fields were
covered with them. Most were hollow inside.
Fort DeSoto beach at North Beach, Fla, 2-19-2014
This is the first time I've seen or been in the ocean
and I'm addicted. Deep water calls to me in a way I
can't describe. I feel more alive than I ever have
near it. The water was ice cold that day so I didn't
go swimming, darn it!