My Wickersham Lineage Information

Thomas Wickersham, a Quaker (Friend), was born in 1660 and was a farmer in Bolney, Sussex, England. He came
to America on the ship, the Welcome. He settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in what later became
Marlborough Township.  Marlborough township soon divided into east and west, and Thomas was in the east
section.  He died in June 1740 and was buried at the Friend meeting house he helped build. The meeting house
stands still today and is open for visitors on certain days and hours.  The Wickersham Family archives, a
collections of family papers, art, pictures, etc. is housed in the Chester County Historical Society building at 225
N. High Street, West Chester, Pa. Their phone number is 610-692-4800.
Thomas had 11 children by his 2 wives, Ann Killingbeck and Alice Hogge. Those children were :

1. Humphrey-1687-?
2. Thomas-September 19, 1691-1726
3. John-November 4, 1693-1742
4. Ann-April 27, 1696-?
5. Alice-September 14, 1701-?
6. Richard-October 11, 1703-
7. William-April 3, 1706-November 11, 1788
8. Elizabeth-January 13, 1708-?
9. James-1712-June 12, 1804
10. Rebecca-June 1, 1715-?
11. Isaac-March 28, 1721-1804

My lineage numbers are: 5. 2. 2. 2.1. and the name list goes: Thomas, Isaac, Abner, James, James,
Lewis, William, Howard, Howard, Sandy. Those numbers mean that I'm descended from Thomas's 11th child, Isaac,
Thomas's son by Alice Hogge, then from Isaac's 4th child, Abner, then from Abner's 2nd child, James, then from
James's  3rd child, James, then from Jame's 5th child Lewis, then from Lewis's 2nd child, WIlliam, then from
William's 2nd child Howard, then from Howard's 2nd child Howard, and I'm Howard's 1st child. My brother,
Howard's, name list is:
Thomas, Isaac, Abner, James, James, Lewis, William, Howard, Howard, Howard. His number
list is 1. 11. 4. 2.3. 5. 2. 2. 2. 2, meaning he's our parents' 2nd child.
 My brother Gregory's, number list is meaning he's our parents' third child.

My nephew, Howard's, list is:
Thomas, Isaac, Abner, James, James, Lewis, William, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard.
His number list is 1. 11. 4. 2. 3. 5. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2.  My nephew's son will be Howard (when he's born someday) and his
name list will be:
Thomas, Isaac, Abner, James, James, Lewis, William, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard.

My great-great grandfather was Lewis C. Wickersham, May 11, 1847-January 8, 1916, born in Darke County, Ohio,
and moved to Jackson Twp., Randolph County, Indiana (probably lived in Winchester or nearby),  and had 7
children: my great-grandfather, William Henry Wickersham, who was born in Winchester, in August of 1873: Estella
May, Rollin James, Lewis O., George Raymond, Sarah, and Jesse F.  William Henry married Mary Stafford, and they
lived in Winchester where my aunt, Edna Rose and grandfather, Howard Luther was born. Grandpa Howard
married Laura E. Cowan and they had my Uncle Robert William, my father Howard, L Jr., and Harry Eugene.

The Chester County Historical Society has a website! Go to
 Chester County Historical Society's Website Once
there, if you click on "Archives" then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the emblem for the
"Every-name Index to Portrait Photographs" you'll find a PDF list of every photo they have. Scroll to the "W"
section and you'll find hundreds of Wickersham photos listed by call-number, so that when you visit the Society,
you can view them with a librarian's help!

The Wickersham Family
My entire clan except my brother, Greg, his factory wouldn't let him off, May 2, 1992. My
father and step-mother left for Bullhead City, Arizona, that day so my father's emphysema
wouldn't get worse any faster than necessary. It gave him many extra years.
Back row, brother Howard III; his wife, Cathy; my step-mother, June, (the short white-haired
one); my  father;  me;  my son, Erik. Front row: my nieces, Michelle and Myranda;  nephew
Nathan; my son  Brian; and nephew Howard IV.
Howard Luther Wickersham, Sr. I only saw
him a few times as a child, but I thought he
was very tall and handsome. He's about 20
here. We all have his chin cleft and prominent
My Daddy, Howard Luther Wickersham, Jr. This
picture doesn't show the chin cleft well, but the
ears do show!  The red streaks are our mother's
lipstick I assume.  He's about 20.
Howard Luther IV. This picture doesn't
show it well, but he has the chin cleft
and ears! He looks like Grandpa Howard.
Darn him, he and his wife had a girl for
their first child, Helen Louise
Wickersham, to the left, born in 2011,
the same month as her father, March,
and the same day, March 15, as her  
great-grandfather. Helen looks so much
like her Daddy it's scary.
Picture of Howard Luther
Wickersham, V, to go here
when he comes along.
Hurry up, Howard the IV, the
rest of us can't wait!
As an adult, I wanted
to know more about
my family. Thanks to
The Wickershams in
website,  I
found out more than I
dreamed about us.   If
you're a Wickersham
and want to know
more, go to
The Wickersham
Family in America
Uncle Robert Wickersham.   Note the
nose, ears and chin, just like my  
grandfather's.  Uncle Bob's about 21
My oldest brother, Howard Luther
Wickersham III. This is his high school
graduation picture. The chin cleft and large
ears really show.  
Me at age 20, another of my
engagement photos.  
This page is dedicated to my family and my search for more
members of my branch. Scroll past the pictures for
information about our history. If you are a Wickersham, I'd
love to hear from you.
Uncle Harry Eugene Wickersham. You
can see the ears, high forehead, and
baldness my father escaped! I'd say he's
about 30ish here.
My youngest brother, Gregory Lee
Wickersham many years ago. This picture
doesn't show it but he had VERY curly hair
until he was much older. The cleft
Wickersham chin is clearly visible.